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What Is the Right Etizolam Dosage?

The correct dosage for Etizolam, like most other drugs will depend on several different factors. The first being your own personal and unique make-up. Your size, the speed of your metabolism, your age and the severity of the problems you are trying to treat will all need to come into consideration when planning your dosage. With that being said, there are some guideline dosages that you should generally start with. Starting with a guideline dosage will establish a baseline Read More...

Where Can You Buy Etizolam?

At this moment in time, Etizolam is not currently regulated in the United States and is legal in the majority of countries across Europe and other parts of the world. This classification can make it extremely difficult to obtain Etizolam if you don’t know of a legitimate source.  (Etizolam is legal to purchase in most of the United States for “research purposes”.) Several countries such as India and Australia have regulated Etizolam and offer prescriptions to patients who meet the Read More...

Etizolam Vs Xanax: Which Is Better?

The debate of whether Etizolam or Xanax is superior is one which floods the online “psychonaut” community forums (a Psychonaut is the term used to describe a person with an interest in psychoactive substances). Everyone has their own personal preferences, so choosing which substance is better can be difficult. With that being said, there are enough personal experience reports and scientific studies available to give us some sort of an indication. First of all, it’s worth noting that Xanax Read More...

How Long Does Etizolam Take to Peak?

The onset, come up and peak of a substance will vary from person to person. Less experienced users and people with faster metabolisms will generally peak faster than those who are experienced, or have slower metabolisms. Etizolam has a long total duration, when counting the after effects as part of the total. You can expect a total duration of around 7 hours, but the after effects can be present for several hours afterwards, sometimes up to 24 hours and Read More...

How Addictive Is Etizolam? More Than Xanax?

Benzodiazepine drugs are notorious for being extremely addictive, so one would expect Etizolam to be the same, right? Fortunately, that is not the case. The structure of Etizolam is slightly different to other popular benzo’s like Xanax, and it’s this slight difference what could differentiate it from other benzo’s in regards to dependency and addiction probability. The withdrawal symptoms of Etizolam are well-documented, and for new users, they can be incredibly discouraging. However, the majority of personal reports state Read More...

Does Etizolam Get You High?

Whether Etizolam gets you “high” is a debate that will often lead to different answers from different people. It depends on your definition of “high”. Being a benzodiazepine, the effects that Etizolam has on your central nervous system is obvious and can be extremely strong, depending on the dosage. The entire body feels heavy, relaxed and your mind quietens down, giving you the freedom to think whatever thoughts you want, without anxiety. If sedation is a “high” in your Read More...

Should You Buy Etizolam From India?

Although Etizolam is not legally available to purchase in the USA for medical or recreational purposes (only research purposes), it’s still widely available online through vendors who ship the product directly from India. Etizolam is a popular drug in India, and current regulations in the country allow trade of the product. The quality of Etizolam in India can vary. The real product is pharmaceutical-grade, but as you can imagine, counterfeit products are everywhere. The biggest concerns when purchasing Etizolam Read More...

Can Etizolam Help PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is common among those who have experienced a traumatic event in the past, such as memories of military service. Despite the exponential advances in healthcare technology, it still remains an illness that is still not fully understood by healthcare professionals. Etizolam is often recommended as a treatment of PTSD, but not a cure. The sedative, anti-anxiety effects of Etizolam have been known to reduce the “mental chatter” in the mind which is often the root cause Read More...

What are Etizolam Benefits?

Etizolam, although illegal in many countries, offers a proven, short-term effect on anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and many other mental health ailments. Its uses, benefits, side effects have been well-documented and its mechanism of action is well-understood. Therefore, scientists have a good idea on how exactly Etizolam can help (or hurt) its users. Some of the most beneficial effects of using Etizolam are: Reduced Anxiety This study, designed to test the effectiveness of Etizolam at reducing the symptoms of general anxiety Read More...

Etizolam Side Effects

  Since Etizolam shares a lot of the same characteristics of other benzodiazepine analogs, you can expect a lot of the same side effects. As with most drugs, the side effects of etizolam can be categorized into two categories: Short-term and long-term.   The intensity of the side effects, if you are to see any at all will depend on the dosage, how often you use the drug and unfortunately, how your body reacts to the substance. Every person is different Read More...


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