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Etizolam Vs Xanax: Which Is Better?

The debate of whether Etizolam or Xanax is superior is one which floods the online “psychonaut” community forums (a Psychonaut is the term used to describe a person with an interest in psychoactive substances). Everyone has their own personal preferences, so choosing which substance is better can be difficult.

With that being said, there are enough personal experience reports and scientific studies available to give us some sort of an indication.

First of all, it’s worth noting that Xanax is considerably more popular than Etizolam. People who have had no experience, or even plan to ever use a psychoactive drug have more than likely heard of Xanax, but few people know of Etizolam.

For this reason, Xanax tends to be easier to obtain. But does that make it a better choice?

According to a controlled clinical study, designed to test the effectiveness of Etizolam, Xanax and Bromazepam as a means of treating general anxiety disorder, Etizolam was the clear winner. All three of the substances were effective over a 2-week period, but it was Etizolam that continued to improve its effectiveness into the third and fourth week.

In regards to the response from hundreds of personal experience reports, Etizolam is often considered as a more effective anti-anxiety medication when compared to Xanax and other benzos. Etizolam is considered to be more euphoric, it lasts longer, and the sedating effects are more prominent. As an anti-anxiety medication, there are few that can match Etizolam for its effectiveness.

The only benefit of using Xanax over Etizolam is the fact that it’s more readily available, and as a result, tends to be cheaper. Purchasing Etizolam can be difficult as it is not currently regulated in the United States, but in terms of the efficiency of the drug itself, Etizolam appears to be the clear winner.

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