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Etizolam is a breakthrough research chemical that is more effective for relieving anxiety than Xanax. It is also less addictive, has fewer withdrawal symptoms, and improves mood more than Xanax.

Despite this, Eitzolam can only be marketed in the United States as a research chemical and not for internal use.  In fact, even as a research chemical, Etizolam is not legal in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, and Virginia, and we cannot ship there.

We at Buy Etizolam offer 3rd-party tested and factory sealed Etizolam tablets from the greatest number of manufacturers, including: Etilaam; Etizest; Etizeal; Etibest; and Etilee. Choose among our manufacturers to find the brand that most suits your purposes.

We are also committed to providing you the best possible customer service.  Unlike our competitors, we offer our phone number where you will reach a full-time American customer service person who will help you with your questions or concerns.

We offer one-day handling after payment has cleared and a money-back guarantee upon return of the remaining product if you are not satisfied with your order.

If you want the highest quality and best customer service, shop with Buy Etizolam.



Yes, Etizolam is legal as a research chemical in most of the United States and the world.  Being labeled as a research chemical means that a product can only be marketed for research use and not for internal consumption.

The U.S. states where Etizolam is not legal even as a research chemical are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, and Virginia, and we cannot ship there.  It is also not legal in Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the U.K.; we cannot ship to any of these countries.

Etizolam is safe as long as used in normal dosages, which is around 1mg for a typical human, and for short, infrequent time periods.  Prolonged use can lead to addiction, and doses larger than 4mg are not advised due to serious side effects.

Etizolam has a toxicity low relative to dose, but can potentially be fatal if mixed with depressants such as opiates, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, alcohol or other GABAergic substances.

This is probably the most important thing you will read on this website: never, ever, ever mix Eitzolam with depressants.

Yes, this way you can tell they have not been tampered with.

We are pleased to offer the widest variety of Etizolam brands of any of our competitors, including Etilaam; Etizest; Etibest; Etilee; and Etizeal.

Etilaam is generally regarded as the most reputable brand with Etizest as a close second.  The other three companies are relative newcomers, which you may find suit your needs.

We also offer our products, when available,  in mouth-dissolving (referred to as “MD”) varieties.

We know the temptation may be strong to buy Etizolam powder, not pellets.  Perhaps you think it will save you money, but we have to say that Etizolam powder is very sticky and very hard to work with.  When doses are in the 1mg range, a slight slip up with measuring can have drastically unintended effects.

For these reasons, we recommend factory-sealed pellets.

We have a one day handling period once payment has cleared. However, each payment method has different amounts of time before it clears.

  • If you pay by credit card or bitcoin, the payment clears at the time the order is placed.
  • If you pay by bank transfer, the payment may take a few hours or possibly a day or more to clear.
  • If you pay by mailed check or eCheck, it may take a day or more after deposit before the payment clears.


Yes, if you are not satisfied with your tablets for any reason, you can simply mail it back for a full refund. Please email us so we can keep in touch during this process if you choose to return your order.

You do not need to sign for your delivery, unless you chose the C.O.D. (cash on delivery) method upon checkout. If you chose C.O.D, you will be required to pay the delivery driver in cash or a cashier’s check.


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