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What Is the Right Etizolam Dosage?

The correct dosage for Etizolam, like most other drugs will depend on several different factors. The first being your own personal and unique make-up. Your size, the speed of your metabolism, your age and the severity of the problems you are trying to treat will all need to come into consideration when planning your dosage.

With that being said, there are some guideline dosages that you should generally start with. Starting with a guideline dosage will establish a baseline and will allow you to increase or decrease the dosage depending on your needs.

Different dosages of Etizolam will have different effects on the body and mind. Lighter doses are great for anxiety relief, whereas the stronger doses are typically recommended for muscle relaxation, sedation and other similar effects.

The guideline Etizolam dosages are as follows:

Light: 0.5 – 1mg

Regular (common): 1 – 2mg

Strong: 2 – 5mg

Heavy: 5mg +

Heavy dosages are not recommended for the majority of people. For those who are inexperienced and have zero tolerance for Etizolam and other similar medications, you should always aim to start at the lower end of the spectrum, slowly building the dosage if your tolerance grows, or the initial dosage was insufficient to cause any effect.

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